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Friday, August 05, 2016


Sometime shortly after my 39th birthday I decided I was going to make my 40th year something memorable. Enough of this whole "bucket list" BS, why wait for retirement or until you're on death's doormat? I want to do stuff NOW.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Drink Pink: Savvy Company Rosé Reports

Such hard work, having to try all these delicious Ontario rosés and then write about them, about what goes best with them ... *sigh*.

Read my latest Savvy Company reviews of great rosé wines here and here ... enjoy!

(PS ... While it may not have been featured in the Savvy reports, the pretty pink number in the picture at left is the elegant Marilys from Domaine Perrault, right here in the Ottawa Valley! Be sure to stop by if you're in Navan, Ontario this summer!)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

WBC15: On the Keuka Lake Wine Trail

In the local Seneca language, "keuka" means "crooked." With its distinctive 'Y' shape, Keuka Lake is the only lake in the U.S.--and one of the few in the world--that flows both north and south. And it's the little-known birthplace of North American winemaking.

These little factoids came courtesy of Mikey "Merlot" Linehan, our host aboard the WBC15 Mystery Bus #5 on the Keuka Lake Wine Trail.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Savvy Company: From the Bosc Family

The blog might be on hiatus, but I did have a chance to chat with Michele Bosc about what's new at Chateau des Charmes recently. You can check out my article over on the Savvy Company website.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Guest posting on Uncork Ontario: Domaine Darius

Hey all!

So while I can't seem to find the time to write on my own blog, somehow I've managed to put together a guest post for Uncork Ontario about my experience at Domaine Darius. This is yet another small-scale, passion-fueled, committed-to-quality winery in the County with its own story to tell. The wines are spectacular; call ahead to see what they have in stock, though - it sells out fast!

You can also have a look at my queue-and-eh with Uncork's host, Shawn McCormick, here.


The quirky, eclectic gardens at Domaine Darius; view from the tasting cave.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

WBC15: In the Defence of Hybrids

In the middle of a Q&A period on the soils and grape varieties of the Finger Lakes, a voice piped up out of the crowd:

"Can you tell me about hybrids? Why are they such crappy grapes?"

As one tweeter put it: Ouch.
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