Welcome to Second Ferment! Wine pairs well with life ... and food, travel, people, work and play. Grab a glass and join me as I explore the wine scene in Ottawa, Canada, and beyond. Love hearing from my readers, so please leave a comment. Cheers! - Bethany


I love wine. I think I've always loved wine, even when I didn't know anything about it. I grew up on Partager, Piat d'Or and my granddad's back-shed homebrew in Cornwall, Ontario. Mom woke us up on New Year's Day with tiny shots of red wine that would put hair on your chest (or at least your tongue). Good luck for the year, apparently.

Then I went to Italy in 2000 and tasted stuff that was way better. Then in 2001, I found myself at the Ottawa Wine and Food Show and had an epiphany. I decided then and there that somehow I had to make a living out of drinking wine.

I signed up for the first of many sommelier courses at Algonquin College, with the goal of becoming knowledgeable enough to write about wine when I grew up. That still hasn't happened yet (the growing up part) but I love sharing my passion with others through this blog. Maybe someday I'll even get to write full-time, and drink all kinds of free samples and travel to wine regions all over the world on someone else's dime. Someday ...

I am a writer and editor by trade: government communications spin doctor by day, and adjective-obsessed prose artist / wineau by night (or any other time where the mood strikes me to drink, write, or do both at the same time.) When I don't have my nose stuck in the depths of a glass, I wear the hats of  'wife' to Hubby and 'mom' to Doodle and The Smurf, the inspiration for the Mommy Juice quotient of the blog. I also dabble a bit in acrylic painting and illustrating, when I have free time (what's that again?)

Twitter: @2ndferment 

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