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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Vindication: Cold-hardy Marquette

Past hybrid selections from Smokie Ridge
You all know how passionate and mother-hen protective I am about hybrid grapes. We live in a cold climate with some pretty harsh winters, so it only makes sense to plant and grow vines that can stand up to -30 windchill by hibernating underground like so many vinous groundhogs.

Thus, I was thrilled to read the VQA has accepted Marquette as a legit grape variety. This means growers can sell wine made from this grape in the LCBO and at farmers' markets. WOOT!

Good times at Domaine Perrault
Mind you, the VQA and the provincial government still have some work to do in support of local vineyards and winemakers, like not taxing the hell out of them or making it so outrageously complicated to have their stuff approved. Opening up the approved varietal list a bit more would also help - bring on the Frontenac, Louise Swenson and St. Pepin!

In the meantime, the Eastern Ontario Wine Producers are working hard to deliver quality products, so I'm heading out this weekend to get my share. Have a look at the Wine Maps page to discover what's near you.

PS - La Vida Local is now running local wine & food tours throughout the Ottawa / Eastern Ontario / Gatineau areas. I have yet to take a tour with them, but it looks fun ... AND you don't have to worry about driving!

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