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Friday, March 21, 2014


Here's what us wineaux do for fun on a Friday afternoon on Twitter:

Things very quickly went off the rails for me ... (Productivity what??)

My list (*with help from Hubby!):

2000s and Top 40: Cluster the Pinot, Imagine Flagons, Lady Appellation, Dave Gruner and the Foo Flighters*, Jason Decanted, John LegendsEstates, Kings of Castilla y Léon, Martin Garrigue, Theory of a Dead Arm, Justin Imbiber*

Nifty 90s: Bin 182, Third Taste Blind, Macy Gray Monk, Brix Ray, Papa Rhône, Alicia Lees*  

Awesome 80s: Wine Shop Boys, Spurrier Ballet, Pair with Oysters Cult, Bonarda Jovi, Malolactica; Oenosmith*

Super 70s: Macon-Villages People, Cheap Plonk, Bacchus Torrontes Overdrive, Creekside Clearwine Revival 

Rap/Dance: Méthode Man, Biz Markup, The Notorious VQA*, LLCBO Cool J*, Marky Marquette and the Botrytis Bunch, Kanye WestBank, Montell JordanStation (or Piedmontell Jordan*, if you will!), Public Oenomy, Herbaceous D, Cee Lo Greenlane

Country/Folk/Easy Listening: Toni Brixton, Joe Corker, LeeAnn Rhône,
Neil WineDiamonds, 38 Degrees Brix, Barry Manischewitz, Natalie WineMerchant, Melissa SumacRidge, Nelly Fermento, Anne Merlot, Brixie Chicks, Shania Entwine

There were plenty of exceptional / hilarious entries under that hashtag; if you aren't on Twitter and needed a reason to join, this is it. For the total time suckage greatness of it all.

Thanks for the fun, Ken!

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