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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saving daylight

I'd like to take credit for all this glorious sunshine, like I brought it back from Florida or something. But it's simply that time of year: Daylight Savings.

Hubby told Doodle that early Sunday morning, a whole hour was going to disappear. "There's going to be one o'clock, and then it's going to be three o'clock. THERE WILL BE NO TWO O'CLOCK." Her little brain made the slightest of popping sounds as she tried to wrap her head around the concept.

Check out the faces of your colleagues, friends and family right now. Sleep deprived. Begging to have that hour back.

Not me. I was positively skipping down the path this morning, relishing the warm(er) air, the blithe notes of twitterpated birds, the gurgling of snowdrifts melting down gutters. When 4:30 came, IT WAS STILL LIGHT OUT. Oh yeah, baby, that's the stuff.

We celebrated by firing up the BBQ and cracking open a couple of cold ones. Yeah, I had to stand on the top of a snow bank in my boots while I flipped turkey burgers on the grill, but oh boy did it feel good.

Another reason to celebrate: Ironstone Obsession Symphony is back at the LCBO, starting this Saturday, as part of the latest Vintages release. Go get some! But leave enough for me!

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