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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Take it back

So the LCBO just announced (Sept 30) that its return policy has changed. Now, consumers have only 30 days to bring back their bottles, and the return must be accompanied by a receipt.

I've always liked the LCBO for its customer-is-always-right return policy. Like Eaton's (back in the day), if you weren't satisfied, then by all means, bring it back. No questions asked, help yourself to another bottle (of equal or lesser value. Doesn't even have to be the same one.)

The only times I've returned wine was when there was an obvious fault: it was corked, the foil was broken, the glass was cracked, etc. Maybe there was one time that I just found the wine unpalatable; I was hesitant to bring that one back, sure that I would be met with resistance, but there was none. The cashier didn't even bat an eyelash. As a matter of fact, I recall having several other similar wines suggested to me, to replace the one that didn't suit my fancy.

I imagine this new approach is likely a cost-recovery/saving mechanism by the LCBO to avoid cases of product just walking out the door. And I like the part where they will give customers "the benefit of the doubt" instead of cross-examining them at the returns desk. But returning a wine to a store should be no different than returning a wine at a restaurant - if it's not to your liking, don't drink it. And since you're paying for it, ask for another bottle, or something new altogether.

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