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Monday, October 25, 2010

Nothing a little wine won't fix

That Gimblett Gravels Te Kahu that was supposed to nap until 2014? Yeah, we drank that over the weekend. OMG, so yummy.

We're alarmingly low on reds right now; time for a shopping spree, I figure. I've got a few things earmarked for the upcoming 100-Dollar Challenge, but I'm also looking forward to stocking up for winter: big, beefy reds for fireside snuggling, late-night movie marathons and comfort food like roast beef, shepherd's pie, and the like.

So with the cupboards bare, Hubby grabbed whatever looked good, and the Te Kahu is what ended up on our table. I was a little hesitant about opening it - at $30 a bottle from a now non-existent inventory, it was one of those "special occasion" wines (even though I know perfectly well that opening a bottle of wine IS a special occasion). But what the heck, eh? I was in the middle of a nasty cold and could use some cheering up. 

Just as good as the merlot. This was a Bordeaux-style blend of merlot, cab franc, cab sauv, malbec and petit verdot. Deep ruby bordering on purple. Blackberries with a bit of smokiness in the nose, and a mouthful of juicy fruit that was more tart than sweet. The tannins were smooth and refined, as was the long finish. ABV was 14%, but it certainly didn't come across as terribly alcoholic. (Me, on the other hand ... to hell with NyQuil, a good bottle of wine is perfect for what ails ya.)

We stretched the bottle over a couple evenings - the first was with Hubby's killer lasagna, which I think might have just been a tad overpowering for the wine. Last night's rosemary-infused lamb chops were a better match. Even the sides (sauteed asparagus and homemade potato "chips") got a bump. Now I've got an empty bottle beside me ... bummer.

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