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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Last-minute toast

So our New Year plans kinda slid off-course about an hour away from the ball drop. We'd opted for a house party with friends who had only just moved into their new place. Kids were in abundance, running and screaming and leaping off couches. Occasionally, you'd find them slack-jawed in front of a monstrous flat screen TV watching Treehouse (sign of things to come, oh boy ...) Doodle loved every minute of it, especially the parts where she got to stuff her face full of sweets and lounge around in her pyjamas way past her bedtime.

We had a good time, too, although when you get a roomful of parents together, conversation always seems to focus on what the kidlets are doing, how potty training is going, whether they're going to be enrolled in JK or stay in daycare the extra year, and the hilarious results of so-and-so's adventures with a hammer. The laid-back, jovial feel of the night went really well with the never-ending glass of First Frost I was sipping on (gawd, that stuff is good ...)

By 10:30, our energy was already starting to wane. These late nights just aren't part of the routine anymore. So we parted on a high note and left before Doodle could get grouchy. We saluted 2009 in our own pyjamas, tucked warm and cozy on the couch at home, toasting with icewine (a last-minute choice, given that we didn't get ourselves any Iced Cuvée - more's the pity.) Thank goodness the Doodle likes to sleep in. Happy New Year, everyone!

Puddicombe 1998 Vidal Icewine
Deep brown-orange colour. Not your average icewine at all (but then, I don't think they're really meant to age for 10 years): coffee, caramel, prunes and corn syrup on the nose and palate. Rich, thick mouthfeel, but enough acidity to keep it from being cloying. Raisin toast and roasted coffee bean on the long, silky finish. Tasted even better after a day in the fridge.

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