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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quaff this: Oyster Bay 2007 Sauvignon Blanc

I adore sauvignon blanc; it's number one on my white wine list. And this one has got to be one of the best out there, which is what makes it a "house" favourite for us. We always make sure to have a bottle in stock. For guests, or hostess gifts, or special occasions. Or Thursday nights.

Hubby cooked up a stellar meal tonight (in between minding the Doodle and umpiring a softball game. Who says guys can't multitask?) He took some cod fillets out of the freezer and turned them into Fish Fillets Italiano, a zesty dish over whole wheat spaghetti that had us saying, "Wow, this is REALLY good. I mean, this is GOOD. This is DELICIOUS" a few hundred times.

The recipe called for a 1/2 cup of wine, so he cracked open the Oyster Bay. Now, some people would shudder at the thought of "wasting" good wine on food, but I say, use the good stuff! Makes the food taste even better! And the best part is, you get to drink the rest with dinner. (Because it would be a sin and a shame to let such lovely wine go to waste, after all.) This makes matching the wine and food all that much easier; all the nuances in the wine - the acidity, the freshness, the crisp texture, and citrus fruit - blended in with the tomatoes, black olives and spice to turn a normally bland hunk of fish into something spectacular. I told hubby he's more than welcome to make that again, anytime!

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