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Monday, July 28, 2008

Keeping in the know

Between working full time and being a mom, I find it hard to keep on top of what's going on in the wine world. (Heck, I have trouble keeping up with what's going on in my Palm Pilot, never mind the wine world!) In an effort to stay informed, I signed up for a bunch of wine newsletters offered by other writers, sommeliers, and gurus (Rod Phillips - still the best and my favourite). At one point, I was getting about a dozen different updates sent to my inbox each week. I was overloaded with information and lacking in time to read through it all. Ack! Alas, I had to pare it down some.

Now I've discovered Google News alerts - each day, anything related to wine in Canada comes straight to my virtual doorstep. How cool is that? I can browse the list of headline links, skip the stuff I'm not interested in, zero in on the items that catch my attention. The texts are always short and sweet, and can be read anywhere (especially around two in the afternoon, when the last thing I want to do is write yet another message for a community fundraiser).

I still enjoy Rod Phillips Winepointer reviews of the LCBO's Vintages releases (which I *still* have to get to, dammit. Oh well, my berfday's coming up, maybe somebody will get me a shopping spree at my favourite store?) and I get some great ideas from the Epicurious Recipe Flash and Tasting Notes, but at least now I can get my daily dose of what's new in wine in a handy, compact, mom-on-the-go format.

(This post was not brought to you by google ... just so you know.)

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