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Monday, June 16, 2014

Complete Checklist for an Awesome Father's Day

It's a good thing John decided to throw his big Three Dog opening bash on Father's Day weekend. Really, what more do you need than good wine on a big deck in the sun?

Lots. And we packed plenty in over those three days.

Finding frogs. Throwing sticks. Watching birds. Picking flowers. Climbing fences. Squeezing grapes. Leaping off the top step. Running through the vineyard. Chasing dogs. Getting licked by dogs. Running away from dogs.

Chasing seagulls. Climbing sand dunes. Building castles. Filling buckets. Finding fossils. Having picnics. Crawling over tree roots. Wading through the beach grass. Worshipping the sun.

Eating ice cream, gourmet grilled cheese, butter-topped steak frites, popcorn in the car, chocolate-infused cream cheese on toast, bigger-than-your-head burgers, Freezies, eggs Benedict, kombuchka, maple butter tarts, onion rings.

Watching movies with the fireflies. Gazing at the moon. Falling asleep happy, warm and peaceful.

Dancing, cuddling, splashing, building, singing, reading, laughing, swimming, digging, exploring. All with Daddy.

Happy Father's Day, Hubby.

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