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Friday, March 01, 2013

Wine Beyond Borders (no, this is not a fundraiser)

Just in case you were wondering, I *do* drink wines from places other than Ontario, despite the fact that my last few posts and tweets may have given the impression that I'm a one-woman marketing board for provincially crafted products.

My favourite wine right now (and a contender for the top spot of Most Favourite Wine EV-AH) is Hatfield's Fuse, a white blend from Blasted Church, in the Okanagan.You may recall that I've mused upon its merits in the past, but there's something extra-special about that half-case that was delivered earlier this year:

The 2011 features spring-like whiffs of grapefruit, lemon zest, flint and blossoms in full bloom, followed by a tangle of delicate taste strands carrying that same tropical/citrus fruit theme. It's tangy enough to sip on its own or have as a late-afternoon apĂ©ro, but with enough fullness and fruity weight to pair with a meal. (I'll admit, I've been doing a great deal more of the former than the latter.)

The story behind Blasted Church certainly adds to the charm of the wine, as do the nifty caricatures frolicking on their labels. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll somehow find a way to make it to their winery in June while I'm at the wine blogger's conference.


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