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Friday, March 15, 2013

Grapes on Film

Picture this: The Mayfair Theatre, early evening, on a Saturday. A triple bill is advertised on the marquee: Mondovino, Bottle Shock and SOMM. The line-up is snaking down Bank Street as a crowd of vintage aficionados, sommelier students and wine geeks flock to catch this rare vinous-themed movie day.

Even better: along with the best movie popcorn in town are a selection of Ontario whites and reds, even a bottle or two of superb bubbly, served up by a savvy sommelier with a smile. Trays of fancy-pants canap├ęs done up by a local caterer are being circulated through the crowd.

Tickets, wine and snacks in hand, you move into the dimly-lit interior of the theatre and settle into one of the plush red seats. Or maybe curl up on one of the loveseats in the balcony. Either way, you are set. The lights go down, the curtains go up ... it's showtime, wineaux-style!

How cool would THAT party be?

Mondo Vino and Bottle Shock are two of my favourite wine-themed flicks. And SOMM, a documentary about four students preparing for the the prestigious Master Sommelier exam, just looks so. totally. awesome. So I've been chatting up (pestering/haranguing) the Mayfair folks on Twitter to consider this event as a possibility. I'm liking where the conversation's going:  

Yes indeed-y, let's make this happen!!

(Visit the Mayfair's website for movie schedules, upcoming events and history, and check out the official SOMM Facebook page.)

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