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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

WBC 2013 Here I Come!

I just signed up for my first-ever Wine Bloggers Conference: June 6-8, 2013, in Penticton, British Columbia. Holy crap am I stoked.

I love trip planning. I have nine whole months of sweet anticipation ahead of me to fill with flight and hotel comparisons, local restaurant reviews and Google-searched images of rolling vineyards. When it's a slow day (or rough day, or happy day, or ANY day, for that matter) I peruse winery sites and check Twitter for #wbc13 updates. Then I do it again.

The mental and logistical lead-up is almost as exciting as the trip itself, which I'm sure is going to be phenomenal. Having only visited BC once in my life (Vancouver), I have yet to see the glory of the Okanagan Valley in person. I've also encountered quite a few tweeps from the area whom I can't wait to meet. And I get to attend a three-day conference where we'll all get together to drink wine, write about wine, talk about drinking and writing about wine, blog about our discussions on wine drinking and writing, and talk about our blogs on drinking wine. YES!

Of course, Being the self-conscious person that I am, I have experienced some trepidation at the thought of being in a room with so many other talented bloggers, many of whom are top-shelf writers who even get paid for what they do. Does my little blog here in the winosphere cut the mustard against some of the most-viewed, highest-traffic sites in wine-themed social media? Will I have the courage to speak up or timidly keep my nose tucked into the glass? We shall see.

Either way, I have one heck of an awesome adventure to look forward to. WOOT!

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