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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ode to Ottawa's Wine and Food Festival

T'is the night before the show now known as OWFF
And my tastebuds are giddily dancing in my mouth
In sweet anticipation of what is in store:
Wines, beer and spirits, nibblies and more.

The tickets are bought and stuffed safe in my purse
With the bottle of water from which I will nurse
In between tipples of red, white and rosé
And mouthfuls of tartare, foie gras and flambé

I can barely sleep in this eager state
In my mind, I'm already there. I can't wait
To cavort, with abandon, throughout crowded halls
And try one of everything at each of the stalls

O Riesling! Cabernet! Icewine! Syrah!
Plentiful refills to be had - huzzah!
Mayhaps I will find a rare, ancient Sauternes
And hand over sampling tickets by the tens

I'll nosh and I'll quaff, I'll swirl and I'll sniff
I'll get purple-stained teeth and crumbs on my lips
Copious note-taking I'll do with great haste
So I can get my hands on another great taste

With jovial winemakers and chefs I will mingle
Try out some caviar or some premium single
Malt scotch. Maybe even a bubbly or two?
And when the day's done, and when I am through

Out the door my very stuffed self I will roll
To walk off the calories with a quick stroll
Look forward to the 2012 OWFF next November
And save all my blogging until I am sober.

See you tomorrow! Follow my tweets from the Show @2ndferment, with the hashtag #owff2011

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