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Thursday, September 15, 2011

(Rather belated) Wordless Wine Wednesday

A wine by many other names ...

Here are a few labels I spotted in the LCBO's "Go Local" display this week. All of them are from established wineries, just with a different look and feel. Something fresh to catch the eye of passers-by (like me).

Life is Good (by Creekside)
Especially like the retro call-outs on the back label

"no name" white blend in eco-bottle (by Stonechurch) 
Top Bench (by Peninsula Ridge)

Simply White (by Stoney Ridge)

Can't get enough of these tattoo replicas.
Truth / Dare (Legends Estates) 

"... and we don't talk about Fight Club, either."
Red House Wine Co. (by Speck Bros., aka Henry of Pelham)

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