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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Great Glebe Gadget-Grab

I should not be allowed to walk into places like the Glebe Emporium unsupervised, with a working credit card in hand.

I was on a mission for Mum, who needed two 2-quart Paderno saucepans. Just so happens that the Emporium is Ottawa's factory outlet for the (ridiculously overpriced but outrageously awesome) stainless steel cookware. I told her I was on it, and headed out this morning to get 'er done. I planned it so that I wouldn't have time to browse; we were heading to the family swim at the local pool this afternoon, and it only ran for a couple of hours. Had to hustle.

Then I pushed through the door, and from the second the bell jingled overhead, I knew I was doomed.

Like I could HONESTLY just buy two pots and leave, without gazing longingly at all the shiny, pretty things. SILICONE EGG POACHERS! PLEATHER PLACEMATS! RETRO LUNCH PAILS! FIREFIGHTER-GRADE OVEN MITTS! And oh, the glassware. Row upon row of champagne flutes, bulbous goblets, edgy ewers, swan-necked decanters, hand-painted tumblers ... I felt a rush as my brain tried to come up with justification for buying one of everything in the store.

Checking my watch, I grabbed a few must-haves and headed for the cash. Back home again in a little over an hour total. Not bad.

Me: "I'm home! Everyone ready?"
Hubby: "Yup."
Me: "Man, that store is just evil. So tempting."
(He stops, towels half in the bag, and narrows his eyes at me.)
Hubby: "What did you get?"
Me: "There isn't anything in that bag that wasn't a clearance item."
Him: "What did you get?"
Me: "All of my purchases are going to be put to good use."

He knows me too well. And rolled his eyes when I pulled out a pair of egg-shaped magnets with beaks and eyes on them (Doodle loves them), a heart-shaped cookie cutter (for "all those cookies we bake", he says), and a peeler (K, that one was legit, the one he just bought is a piece of junk).

He thinks I'm nuts; I think I showed amazing restraint. Could have been a LOT worse.

Some very necessary purchases this weekend included two bottles of Burrowing Owl Pinot Gris and a reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from Mission Hill. Can't get too many BC wines 'round these parts, so might as well stock up when they're available.

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