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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This and that

I've had a couple delightful mornings lately where I don't have to rush, where I get to walk the Doodle to school, and where I can sneak in a few extra snuggles with the baby. Bliss!

Like today: we're heading to the school's Christmas concert to see Doodle belt out "Les etoiles dans le ciel" and "Le sac de Pere Noel" (She's been practicing all week. We mentioned this, in true proud parent fashion, to her teacher. "Yes," she replied, through gritted teeth. "I know." Hubby gets the feeling the teacher's going to be SO happy to have this concert over with.)

But that's not for a while yet. Right now I'm kicking back with a coffee, pondering over the goings on thus far, in this merriest of months:

Made up mimosas for a moms' brunch over the weekend (cuz new moms love their booze!). Tropicana OJ and Two Oceans Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc Brut (South Africa) - can't tell you what the wine tasted like on its own, but it made a great cocktail! And at $11.95 a bottle, easy on the wallet, too. Had that with a scrumptious strata of eggs, sliced potatoes and spinach, a salad filled with greens, cranberries, cashews and (??), and piles of xmas sweets.

Delivered a few cases' worth of empties to the Beer Store on Saturday morning to help out the Christmas Exchange. The volunteers, clad in festive santa hats and bells, were floored by the endless stream of glass containers coming out of my trunk. Big shout out to Luke and his housemates (you know who you are, ya bunch of lushes!) for donating their dead soldiers.

Opened up a bottle of Daniel Lenko Viognier (vintage? can't remember) with Cajun chicken pasta, a spicy-and-creamy staple in our menu rotation. A bit different from your classic Vio, this one was a bit more mineral, with subtle aromas, not so over-the-top with the sweetness. Delightful!

Got a letter from Norm Hardie over in the County - a wish list of sorts, all the vintages he has available. I haven't had a chance to try his Pinot Gris yet, but I'm thinking it would be a treat. Ditto for the Cuvee L Chardonnay. No Melon de Bourgogne left, pity that. We've still got several bottles of the '08 County Pinot Noir in the cellar, but after opening one, I realized it still needed a bit of time to rest yet.

Christmas is fast approaching (like you need a reminder); we're having roast beef with all the trimmings for the first round of celebrations with M&D this weekend. Not sure what to serve ... any suggestions?

I'm off to go pour myself another cup of joe and get ready for the off-key, off-tempo cacophony of kindergarten voices. Cheers!

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