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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is it Go Time yet?

Nesting. That's what they call that burst of energy you get just before birth. It is also known as temporary insanity; with me, it's just the usual insanity kicked up a notch. BAM! In less than an hour, it will be my official "due date". How doctors figure that stuff out is beyond me. We've done the math and think the OB's going to be off by at least a week. We shall see.
Anyway, that familiar surge of strength, combined with a dose of adrenaline and this sense of I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!! kicked in today, leading to extensive gardening, laundry, tidying, and re-arranging of cupboards. I RAN around the splash pad at the park with Doodle, I marched briskly there and back, enduring the Ow Ow Ow It Hurts Me sensations through clenched teeth. Hubby came out to find me in the back yard later, on all fours, digging the river stones out of the grass and pulling stray weeds. "You're not about to take this lying down, are you?"


I cooked up a hefty dinner of vodka penne and pined for a rosé, but I'd had a glass of Maleta 2003 Meritage the night before, with succulent two-inch beef tenderloin and grilled veggies. (Dear friend over to visit, gotta bring out the Really Good Stuff. Ageing has brought that wine to a positively transcendent level.) Didn't want to overdo it in one weekend.

Nightfall didn't inspire me to unwind as it usually does, so I started assembling an IKEA Gorm wine rack. The little one in the cellar is quickly filling up again, with both of us starting to see the merits of buying by the half-case (at least). I know once the Ironstone Obsession hits the shelves later in the year, I'm going to need space, so what better time than now to do it? Actually, Hubby started it - he's been going non-stop the past three weekends, "getting stuff done". Who is it that's nesting?

Common sense (something one lacks when pregnant) has kicked in so I've left the rest of the project for tomorrow. But I do think the little bonhommes in the IKEA instruction manuals should all be hoisting a glass after the last step. Apply screw A to hole B, tighten with allen key. Pour some wine and stand back to admire your work.

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