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Monday, May 03, 2010

A drawer full of allen keys

For a while there, I had honestly thought I'd "outgrown" IKEA furniture, then they go and vamp up the products, and I find myself cruising the aisles wanting one of everything.

Such was the case on our field trip to the store this weekend, in search of a decent kitchenette. Doodle was content romping about in the ball pit while we shopped - seriously, how brilliant is THAT? Sign your kid in and let them burn off some energy while you peruse the merchandise at your leisure. Another one of those "now, why didn't I think of that?" moments.

Hubby had to drag me away from all the shiny kitchen mock-ups, and then had to herd me through the children's section while I whined, "you KNOW we need to get one of THOSE for the kids ..." Focus, dammit, focus!

Not only did we find a pretty cool table, we also got me a new WINE RACK for the cellar - wOOt! I love that it's a cinch to put together - screw A into hole B, and all you need is an allen key. (If you've ever lived the student/recent graduate life, you know you've got a whole bag of those little gadgets tucked away somewhere.) This one will hold twice as much as the old one ... perfect incentive to buy more wine. Oh, happy day!!

So I splurged on a gem from the May 1 Vintages release: Craggy Range Gimblett Gravels 2007 Te Kahu (New Zealand). You may remember my mooning over a CR merlot I tried in class; this one's a blend of merlot, cab franc, cab sauv, malbec and petit verdot. As yet untasted; it still needs a nap in the cellar (they're saying open around 2014-2017, or do it now after a solid, two-hour decanting.) But I loved that merlot so much I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

Maybe it's the story behind the wine that intrigues me: a gravelly stretch of dried-up riverbed near Hawkes Bay, Gimblett Gravels was an accidental find, but is ascending to superstar status in New World circles. The stony soils, coupled with intense temperatures, put loads of stress on the vines. They've got to dig to find water. In turn, the fruit ripens faster, and is smaller and more intensely flavoured. (Great video over at http://www.gimblettgravels.com/About-Us_79.aspx - check it out.)

I've also got my eye on a new arrival in the LCBO general listing: Deakin Estate 2008 Shiraz. Fruity, but not overly so, good tannins, easygoing, nice burger/steak pairing. I first tried it at a pub with a lamb boxty and was sold; fab glass to order when out with the girls. Keep a few on hand for the coming BBQ season.

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  1. Hey you... good to see you posting again. Nice to see that someone has time and money to go on a wine shopping spree in NOTL. God knows it's neither of the two who now permanently reside at 136 Main West in Kingsville. Sorry we didn't connect before April 30; things were total craziness (as you are very familiar with) leading up to the move. Plus, the house may be sold without even going on the market. HOW stoked are we?!?!
    Has baby 2.0 arrived yet? What with you drinking, I'd say it must have. Hope all is going smoother than pre-arrival.

    PS Check my latest blog entry if you so desire or have time.


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