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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My (wine) cup runneth over

It's a helluva good time to celebrate.

Two hundred posts. That's a pretty impressive milestone. In commemoration of this event, I read through some of my old entries, chuckling along the way. Waxing nostalgic over my first feeble attempts at describing aromas; anecdotes from the CA Paradis Wine Lab at Algonquin; (mis)adventures in my kitchen; discoveries of hidden gems on wine routes near and far; the ongoing saga of raising a daughter.

In two hundred posts, I've also connected with some very kewl people and fellow wineaux through their blogs, over chats on wine sites and at wineries around the world.

To ice an already delicious cake, Brix Magazine was launched this month, bearing a few small pieces penned by yours truly. Check out the site and be sure to subscribe - there's more to come!

And if that isn't reason enough to raise a glass, we just sold our house. Six days on the market, 14 viewings and a bidding war left us exhausted but elated, and a little fuller in the pocket than we expected. wOOt!!

So, readers, if you can do me a favour, pour a glass and toast Post 200 for me; I'll be sipping my lime-flavoured PC carbonated water and pretending it's a glass of Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noirs.


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