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Monday, December 08, 2008

Clos the door, you're letting in all the cold air ...

The listing for Saturday's Vintage release landed with a "You've Got Mail!" in my inbox. I've been only vaguely casting a glance at the recent ones, tucking them away for January when I hope to have a mini-spree on Santa's dime. But this one I couldn't possibly ignore: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Le Clos Jordanne!

Hubby and I first tried these rare, limited-release and extraordinary wines at the Food and Wine Rave at Brookstreet, in February (wow, was it really just February? Seems like ages ago ...) They only appear in Vintages once in a blue moon, and vanish in no time flat. Having missed out on the last release, I wasn't about to make that mistake twice. So I roused the troops early Saturday morning to get there in time for the doors to open. Hubby and the Doodle were heading off to a haircut afterwards; she was more intent on getting there than having to go to the store, and especially didn't like the fact she had to miss out on "Animal Mechanicals" just because Mummy had to get her booze on.

So here's this knot of folks waiting outside, in the cold, cradling paper cups of Timmy's and stomping to keep warm. Tarah comes marching over, presses her nose up against the glass and mournfully announces, "I don't WANT to go to this store". Chuckles all the way around, especially from one other dad with kid in tow, who looks equally disgruntled by the situation.

Finally, the doors open. Compared to last time, this was a stampede as we rushed down the aisles, desperate to make it there first. As you can see from the list, there were some high-value rarities and other gems on offer (Hen, I hope you're reading this: CAKEBREAD CELLARS!) I'm surprised it didn't come down to fisticuffs. I also noticed many of the faces were familiar from my first Vintages venture. Dad with his son has made a game out of finding the wines he wants; the boy proudly appears, double-fisting a pair of $100-a-bottle picks.

Hubby kept the Doodle distracted by naming the animals on all the different labels and feeding coins into the CNIB Guide Dog donation box (that kid simply cannot walk by one of those without stopping to pet the dogs and then beg me for a handful of change. Too cute.) I swiftly laid claim to a Chard and two Pinots, along with an Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc for the party we were headed to that night. Success!

"NOW can we go get our haircut?" Yes, dear. Mummy's all done shopping. For now.

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