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Friday, June 27, 2008

Grlz' Night Out

The sun hovered just above the horizon, casting long shadows and golden light. My best gurl-friend and I hung out the windows of the stretch limo, hooting at cute guys and shrieking with laughter, as the wind blew in our hair and the world rushed by in a blur. Tony!Toni!Toné!’s “If I Had No Loot” blared out the windows as we headed off on our adventure, a night of fine dining, cocktails and gettin’ down. It was girls’ night out.

OK – so the stretch limo was really our Honda Civic, we weren’t exactly hanging out the windows (what with the baby seat and all), and the cocktail consisted of chocolate milk in a souvenir sippy cup with a cartoon parrot on the side. But it was still girls’ night out.

I was wrapping up a week of Single Mom Duty. School was done, we were about to head into a long vacation at Grammy’s house, and it was a Friday. I figured, what the hey, let’s giv’r.

After heading to the stylist's to get perfectly coiffed, it was off to Pizza Hut for dinner, where the Doodle charmed the socks off the staff, galloped around the restaurant a few dozen times and recited the entire “Fruity Patootie” episode of Bo on the Go. Next stop, shopping. (Cuz really, what’s a girls' outing without some shopping? Even if it is just for socks at Winners.) And finally, the pièce de resistance, the carnival.

Oh, how her eyes lit up at the sight of it all. Lookit, Mummy! A STRAWBERRY RIDE! Lookit the GREAT BIG NEMO DOLL! Here, here, Mummy, lookit the HORSES!! BALLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS!!!

We climbed aboard the carousel for a spin. I wish I’d had the video camera on me to capture that gorgeous smile as it slowly spread across her face, dazzling ever brighter until it outshone the garish lights of the midway. This was the BEST. THING. EVER. The world did whirl around us in a blur, the wind did sweep through our hair, and our giddy laughter caused even the most hardened carnie to crack a smile.

Two more spins and a great deal of dizziness later, we finally called it a night (Doodle would have none of it, and protested all the way to the car. Until she found her snacky cup. Then it was all good.) We were tired, we were sweaty and dirty, but you couldn’t have found two happier girls in the whole town. What a party.

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