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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Thousand Words for SAUCE

I got the chance to work on some more culinary editing today, a complex recipe for lobster and salmon terrine. Believe me, it’s complicated. When you have to peel the paper-thin membrane off the inside of the lobster tail shell to use as your “wrap” for the terrine, then it’s time to go out for dinner.

I like referring to the epicurious.com food and wine dictionaries when I’m editing – not only do I get a clear description of a particular term, but I can spend hours off on a tangent, learning all sorts of fascinating new foodie words. It’s good for a laugh, too, when you think of all the flowery verbiage that shows up on menus in some swanky gourmet joints.

For example: salpicon, emulsion, relish, velouté, vinaigrette, soubise, brandade, coulis, demi-glace, mousseline, ragout, rouille, chutney, purée, syrup, slurry, roux, supreme, reduction, salsa, confit, gravy, pesto, aigre-doux, infusion, bouillon, sofrito, remoulade … all variations on the same theme: SAUCE.

And really: haricots verts??? They’re GREEN BEANS. But I guess that doesn’t look terribly sexy in print, does it?

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