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Monday, November 26, 2007

A forever moment: Florian's, Venice, Italy

Drinks at Florian's
Originally uploaded by Danielle C

This photo was taken in April of this year, by my dear friend Danielle, during my visit with her in Switzerland. We spent the weekend in Venice; a fabulous trip that was highlighted with perfect moments like these.

The sun was setting just then; the whole of Piazza San Marco was filled with golden light that sparkled off the bubbles in our glasses of prosecco. Our little spot here in front of Florian's was warm and inviting, and we were in no hurry whatsoever. All the beautiful people were strolling about, or lounging with a drink, or just watching the world go by. The bells in the campanile tolled out their long, echoing mark of the hour, while squealing children chased the pigeons, sending whole flocks into the sky in a mad flurry of wings. We were surrounded by history, by fantastic art and marvellous architecture, toasting to another day of sights seen and memories made. It was absolutely perfect.

Thanks again, Pruttah!

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