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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quaff this: white beers

I came, I drank, and here's what I said about it:

White beers have been popular as a summer drink for quite some time. My first experience was with Hoegaarden, that bright, citrus-y and coriander-spiced brew that comes in a mammoth glass (giving the illusion that you're drinking more ... hate to tell you, it's still the same size as the guy beside you.) During our mini-vacation in Montreal, I had the opportunity to try Boreale Blanche (Les Brasseurs du Nord). Similar to Hoegaarden, but with nutmeg instead of coriander, and sweeter orange rind aromas. It was refreshing, but still had enough decent body to be best consumed with good, stick-to-your-ribs pub food. When you don't want wine, but want more than a Bleue, drink this. My other white beer find was Blanche de Chambly (Unibroue). Think of this as the blue-collar version of Boreale - not quite as complex, but still a delicious mouthful. And easier to find - Boreale is only available at select restaurants and depanneurs in Quebec, whereas Chambly can be bought at your local Beer Store.

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