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Monday, June 23, 2014

Rosé among the Roses (and peonies, bleeding hearts, impatients ...)

PINK! For whatever reason, the wine world screams pink when summer comes along, and suddenly the LCBO is awash in a tidal wave of blush. While I try not to limit rosés to the warm months (since there are so few of them in this Canadian climate) I gladly accepted an invitation to Jane's Place for a tasting of all things pink.

Jane, the lesser-known sister of Martha Stewart, doilied up her lush back garden (replete with rosy blooms a-plenty) with an elegant table and decadent spread for our little group of four, which included Holly and Eva. Accompanied by a subdued chorus of birds and bees, and beneath the paling light of a golden sunset, we indulged.

Lafage 2013 Miraflors (Côtes du Roussillon, France) - Pale, brilliant peach tones hint at the light, airy feel of this mourvèdre-grenache gris blend. Delicate notes of sun-dried linens, rosewater and chamomile give way to an almost citrus-y flavour profile and crisp finish.

Joseph Cattin 2013 Pinot Noir Rosé (Alsace, France) - Holly spent a dreamy 10 days in this famed wine region recently, lucky her, so an Alsatian rosé was brought out. Pinkish-orange with a watery rim, it had a distinct herbal scent to it, with a whiff of just-extinguished sparkler (suggesting the presence of sulfur, but not in a nasty way.) Tangy on the palate, dry-style, mere hint of cranberries.

Lakeview 2012 Syrah Rosé (Niagara, Ontario) - Previously reviewed, I thought this extra bottle from Diamond Estates would be appreciated by my fellow tasters. Deep pink bordering on red, a matching nose of lilac, strawberry jam and bubblegum. Another one done dry, the texture is smooth, with muted acidity and a whisper of tannins. It has a pronounced juicy berry flavour without being sweet at all.

Emeri de Bortoli Pink Moscato (Australia) - Orange-kissed pale roseate hue reminiscent of spring petals, with plentiful mousse, a flinty nose and candy floss on the palate. Excellent with Jane's mini strawberry shortcakes and homemade whipped cream.

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