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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A very merry un-birthday

As my darling Hubby put it, I am a MONEY wife.

Let's backtrack to sometime during the late summer, when Hubby casually mentioned "wow, it'd be really cool to have an iPhone." I made note of the comment and stored it away in the recesses of my memory.

Since then, I have moved heaven and earth (and don't you forget it!) to get my paws on one of those shiny toys. When I finally did, even I had to ooh and ahhh for a couple of minutes.

Yesterday was one month exactly until Hubby's birthday. Given that I am notorious for totally sucking at surprises, I thought, what better way to completely catch him off guard? After the dinner plates were cleaned up and the kids were in bed, I went to work.

Just what do you serve on the occasion of an un-birthday? I was torn between sweet or sparkling, and opted for the former: deLorimer Winery 2005 Lace Late Harvest Muscat Blanc. One of the purchases from our California trip in '06, this one is sourced from vines in the Alexander Valley. I picked up the scent of Bosc pear and cinnamon, like a soft, muted version of what you get from a shot of Goldschlager. The taste? More pear, a bit of perfume, some nutmeg, with a delicate thread of acid running underneath the currents of sweetness.

Late harvest wines, to me, are far superior to icewines, which, while delicious, make my enamel hurt just thinking about them. ("Are you a diabetic? You are now ... heh, heh, heh.") Late harvest has higher acid, more spice to the flavour, more nuances of fruit standing out in each mouthful.

So there were two glasses of that, a miniature, three-tiered birthday cake carved out of a Rice Krispies square and sporting a candle, and the iPhone all wrapped up. I came down the stairs to the "Happy Birthday" tune, with him looking quite perplexed, glancing at his watch and likely wondering if I had gone completely out of my mind. Not completely, honey.

The Muscat went great with the Krispies, and Hubby loves his new toy.

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