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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stellar stuff at this Saturday's release

Oh boysie-oysie, two of my fave wines are coming out at this Saturday's Vintages release (September 26). Grab your reusable bottle bags and the credit card, let's go shopping!

Ironstone Vineyards Obsession 2007 Symphony (California, $14.95) - My highlight at the 2009 California Wine Fair, and an awesome value for a wine so replete with sensual aromas, it'll give your nose an orgasm.

Huff Estates 2007 First Frost Vidal - I'm so glad to see this is finally being showcased at the LCBO. You'll remember the mind-blowing experience I had at Domus when this wine was paired with seared foie gras. It also makes for a peachy, sweet mix for summer spritzers on the deck. I don't normally like to abuse wine in that manner, but the guests we had over were big fans of spritzers, so I decided to whip up a batch. Didn't it just go down like buttah? Fill half your glass with the wine, and half with club soda, add some slices of lemon and lime, and voilĂ , Bob's your uncle and Fanny's your aunt.

PS - The previous release saw the arrival of Le Clos Jordanne's 2007 Talon Ridge Pinot Noir. Go pick up a couple of bottles before they all disappear. If the '07 vintage turns out to be as stellar as everyone is saying it is, then this will be a spectacular wine. Is it 2012 yet???

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