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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A born sommelier ... sort of

Rainy Sunday, late in the afternoon, dinner's on the go. The patter of droplets on the window was broken by the lively (albeit incoherent) chorus The Doodle was singing in the living room, as she led her Little People on a trek up the side of the couch.

She stopped her play long enough to watch me pour a glass of wine and take a long, deep sniff before sipping. "Can I smell it, Mummy?"

No harm in smelling. I lowered the glass and she took a noisy snort.

"So, what does it smell like to you?"

"Mmmmmmmm ..." she pondered for a moment, "Like grapes."

We'll work on refining those olfactory senses when she's a bit older ...

See Ya Later Ranch 2007 Chardonnay, pair with the ultimate Newfie comfort food, Haddock Bubbly Bake. The wine started off with aromas of butterscotch and light oak, along with a faint floral whiff. Delicious tropical fruit, baked bread and honey. The mouth-coating texture was offset by fizzy acidity, just enough to cut through the cream-and-cheese sauce of the dish. The finish was smooth and buttery, leaving a lasting flavour of warm spice behind.

1 comment:

  1. Eli M said:
    "Can't put one past the Doodle! Yes, Mom, wine is made of grapes. The other day I saw Simon holding a cup to his panda's face. "How does he like his juice?" I asked. "N-no, dat's panda's beeah. He's drinkin' his beeah." Hmmn, guess what Daddy likes to do?


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