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Friday, August 05, 2016


Sometime shortly after my 39th birthday I decided I was going to make my 40th year something memorable. Enough of this whole "bucket list" BS, why wait for retirement or until you're on death's doormat? I want to do stuff NOW.

So I started #ThisIs40. A collection of things I haven't yet seen, done, tried or tasted. A checklist of challenges stemming from the "I've always wanted to do that" file of ideas. The aim is to complete as many of them (if not all) between the day after I turn 39 and the day before I turn 41.

Some things are personal goals, mostly involving me learning how to like myself, be good to myself and push the boundaries of my comfort zone. Show a painting in a gallery, sing karaoke in front of a huge crowd, learn to meditate. Take up yoga, fencing, stand-up paddleboarding, rock-wall climbing, curling, bellydancing, hell ... maybe even POLE dancing.

Some parts of the list are meant to get me out of the house and exploring my own city: seeing Lucky Ron, visiting the Royal Canadian Mint or canoeing down the Rideau Canal.

Then there's the "extreme" list: fly in a helicopter, take motorcycle lessons, go whitewater rafting (eep!) Maybe even jump out of a plane. Or dye my hair red.

Of course, there has to be a few wine-related items in there: drink a wine from the 1976 vintage, host a Judgment of Paris tasting with all my wineaux friends, return to the Okanagan, get a wine article published (for real).

And start blogging again.

Stay tuned, so much more to come ...

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