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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wine Wednesday: Validation

Writers' egos are delicate, fragile things. Buried under heaps of self-deprecating humour and vital layers of Teflon-grade thick skin, the soul of a writer survives on the sustenance of a geek-level obsession with a particular subject and the words of other, more talented writers. Lacking in confidence, the writer's ego timidly emerges from the groundhog hole on only the rarest occasions, bracing itself for the sight of its shadow. It spends the rest of the time burrowed away, curled up with a keyboard, typing into the void. There, wrapped in solitude, beyond the judging eyes of naysayers, may they safely create.

Ok, so maybe that's just me.

But I do have a few writer friends who share that sentiment. They are, in my humble opinion, brilliantly witty and creative, with awe-inspiring intelligence and a deft ability to shape the English language into works of art (which makes me wonder why they ever doubt themselves in the first place.)

Yet, when faced with praise, they are just as likely to say "aw shucks", smile shyly, and kick at the dirt as I am. Inside, we're skipping through fields of spring blossoms with a giddy flutter of  monarchs in our bellies. For a brief, fleeting moment, our sense of self-worth increases just enough to think, "wow, they LIKE me! THEY REALLY LIKE ME!"

I was totally caught off-guard when I heard a review of mine was going to be in Saturday's LCBO Vintages Release catalogue. And immensely flattered. And eager to share:

Please excuse me while I do a little happy dance. There, it's out of my system now.


  1. Nice! That might draw some eyes to your page. Did Vintages ask you if they could use your review?


  2. Yes! Noticed that last week on the LCBO website...very cool, Bethany!

  3. Bethany! That's great. And such a fab review too!!!!


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