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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wine Wednesday: Pondview

Who knew Twitter would be such an addiction? I didn't think I would become so enthralled with the instant gratification of tweets posted by foodies, wineaux and folks in the biz. (Yes, I've found something else to keep me up until stupid o'clock. Wonderful.)

One of the first things I discovered was #winewednesday. I knew about Wine Blogging Wednesdays, but this is apparently much more widespread. That little hashtag has hooked me up with thousands of other wine aficionados the world over, all of them tweeting about what they're drinking on any given Wednesday. I tried to find a site that sponsors it, or a source that started the trend, but it seems to be a given in the winosphere (kinda like 4:20 is to the reefer set. Except this is legal.) It's Wednesday? Time for wine. Insert smiley face here.

So today I "tweeted" about Pondview Estates 2009 Riesling-Gewurztraminer (Niagara). I loved Pondview's Dragonfly Pinot Grigio; when this one came up at the July 9 Vintages release, I was eager to give it a try. On the nose, green apple and light floral notes. followed up with a mouthful of citrus, something herbal, a little bit of tropical fruit, like banana or pineapple, and honey. There is an undercurrent of riesling's typical petrol, likely to become more pronounced with age. All of this is held together with a solid backbone of acidity and a subtle sweetness - this is a wine with elegant posture and plenty of feminine grace.

PS - I took a closer look at the label tonight, and was tickled to find the tiny, painted water lily in the black-and-white drawing of the estate. Between the wines and that image, it's given me all the more reason to head down to Wine Country this summer.

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