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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wine Wednesday: Daniel Lenko 2007 Reserve Riesling

Daniel Lenko Winery is one of those places you won't find on the maps. Not that it isn't popular; on the contrary, their wines usually sell out just shortly after they open their doors each spring. Maybe it's because of that popularity that they don't have to buy space in the pages of the latest touring guide.

My first experience in Helen Lenko's Beamsville kitchen sold me for life. This place came to be when William Lenko decided to plant vitis vinifera some 40 years ago, despite his neighbours' scoffing. The wines are classic examples of their varietals, the company is warm and welcoming. I always advise other travellers to make that stop along King Street (aka Regional Road 81), at the little bungalow with the cardboard "open" sign in the front window and the friendly border collie waiting on the front step.

This Riesling has been nestled in the cellar since I got it for Christmas a few years back, part of a Lenko Taster Pack. Being an older Riesling, it reeks of petrol ("That's something YOU have a problem with, not me," says Hubby, just for clarity.) But once I got past the nose, I found pleasant hints of tropical fruit and more of the same, along with green apple, on the palate. Racy acidity, somewhat tart-bordering-on-sour on the finish, but a good one overall. Not sure what the "best before" date was on this one, but it seemed to do fine over the past four years.

Speaking of which, why is it that wines don't have a best-before date? Winemakers often suggest a particular time frame when the wine will be at its best; why not print that on the label? Then again, there might be a ton of people looking at that date and promptly flushing the contents down the ...

EGADS. *shudder*

Let's not even contemplate that one ...

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