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Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Wineau

Judging by the frequency of posts, that's what I'm becoming. I guess that's a good thing, in a way. But really and truly, I need to get out there and drink more wine.

My fellow bloggers are drinking up a storm (ya bunch of lushes!) and writing at great length in flowing and elegant prose about their discoveries. Some are even writing new books about the wine they're drinking.

Me? I'm lucky if I get a couple hours sleep at night, let alone time to write. Or drink.

Like so many others, I find myself living for the weekend, doing the mad dash in the mornings and evenings with 7.5 hours of work in between, Monday to Friday. Lunches, laundry, school paperwork, diapers. Rush, rush, rush.

This morning I was sure I was completely losing it. I lost a hair dryer. Not quite sure how that's done? Run on empty with both ends of that candle burning and you'll lose a lot more than just bathroom appliances. I immediately went into panic mode, thinking I was suffering from early-onset memory loss. Or going nuts. Or both.

Finding that elusive balance would be wonderful. People frequently ask me, "how do you do it?" At first I was proud of being able to juggle my own interests with my full-time jobs of career and mommy-hood. Now, I'm feeling pretty burnt out, and thinking, something's gotta give.

All the more reason to drink more wine. (No, wait, that's NOT a good reason to drink wine ...)

Sunday dinner was a simple meal of BBQ'd chicken and grilled veggies, accompanied by a Kim Crawford 2010 Pansy! Rosé (Gisborne/Hawkes Bay, New Zealand). Light strawberry and rosewater on the nose; the juicy fruit notes carry through on the slightly off-dry palate. A bit of fizziness, not too sweet, then tart and perfume-y on the medium-long finish. Right at the end, a little snap of acidity. It brought out the smoky elements of the barbeque sauce and was a nice foil to the deep, earthy, herbal flavours in the veggies.


  1. B, I am the wine equivalent of Neanderthal Man. But I like your blog! My wife would completely relate to your story about the hair dryer. One kid seemed like a vacation compared to two. She's going back to work next week and then the "fun" really starts. Maybe I'll start a beer blog to ease the transition...



  2. And, since I'm sure readers are dying to know, the hair dryer was found. In the closet.


  3. Bethany, this is a great post. I honestly don't know how you parents do it. I can barely look after myself. Hero it is that you are.


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