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Thursday, August 05, 2010

There's an app for that

The first time I heard that phrase, I envisioned intricate amuse-bouches being served on ceramic spoons in some upscale joint in New York City.

I consider myself fairly tech-savvy, but blogging aside, most people would probably consider me an endangered species. My cell phone is as archaic in its design as a rotary dial. It doesn't have apps, I don't take photos with it, and I rarely text. Even the ring tone, an old-school bell, evokes a simpler time before them young'uns started Tweeting (is EVERYTHING really so important that it needs to be posted 24/7?)

Our home computer is a lumbering dinosaur that regularly decides to stumble into the tar pits of obsolescence. We just got back online after trying to add more memory to the Frankenstein tower that houses our files. Our tech guru friend took a look under its hood and proclaimed, "your first problem is that it's OLD."

But NOW I feel like I'm in the loop: I gots me a shiny MacBook Pro for my berfday from Hubby, and oh my, isn't it a pretty thing? Now I can be one of the cool kids who "sit for hours at Starbucks working on their novels" (thank you, Malcolm). So far I've only sifted through the top layer of "apps"; short of pouring me a glass of wine, this nifty toy can do everything. I opened it, it said "tah-dah!" and then started blowing my mind.

I totally see myself quitting my government job and setting up shop as the wordsmith for hire, wirelessly working on multiple editing projects, blogging my thoughts and writing reviews. All because my computer's so wicked-cool. Now, if I could just stop staring in awe at it, I might get to that next step ...

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