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Monday, August 30, 2010

A necessary glass

Maybe it's the wino in me (not to be confused with the wineau, a much classier broad), but I so needed a glass of wine today. Which makes this glass beside me seem like the Best. Wine. Ever.

I'm on Single Mom Detail while Hubby is in China, doing his part to rid the world of nuclear weapons. (Did I ever tell you about his first business card? "Policy advisor - Weapons of Mass Destruction". How kick-ass is THAT?)

Two weeks, with two kids. I know there are leagues of legitimate single moms out there who do this every day, and to them I propose a toast for being as hard-core as it comes. For there is no job out there that is more exhausting, unforgiving or soul-squelching than playing serf to the endless demands of a baby who's teething and a five-year-old who knows almost everything (according to her).

I am impressed with my ability to do groceries, take the eldest to swimming lessons, bathe both children and create a pretty nifty hopscotch board with chalk on the driveway. All in one weekend. So I think I deserve to take this quiet moment - before I fall into a coma that will be interrupted by the 2 am feeding - and enjoy this glass of wine (Ravenswood 2006 Old Vine Lodi Zinfandel, which was opened last night to go with Mom's roast beef dinner, an orgasmic experience in and of itself. Mostly cuz I didn't have to cook it.)

PS - A big ol' shout out to M&D for mowing my lawn, doing my laundry, dusting, vacuuming, fixing my bird feeder and holding the baby so that I could shower. Guess I shouldn't complain, eh?

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