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Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Halfway through the first six weeks, and I only just remembered the Snugli. Hubby used it a bunch with the Doodle (mostly for his late-night Warcraft matches that went on till stupid o'clock) so I thought I might as well give it a go with blogging.

With Smurphy safely ensconced in the front-loading pouch, all I need to do is keep up a constant rock / sway / jiggle and she's golden. And I can blog to my heart's content. It's also quite handy for the home sommelier: look Ma, no hands! (Apparently it juliennes fries as well, but I haven't tried that function yet.)

A couple of wines from the past few weeks:

Closson Chase 2008 Sans ChĂȘne Chardonnay (Prince Edward County, Ontario) - Unoaked (and lacking in dogs, too, Ma): Pale straw colour with a slight greenish tinge. The nose reminds me of those Mounds chocolate bars - super-sweet coconut. Lots of pineapple, too. Slightly viscous mouthfeel, but a strong thread of acidity keeps it fresh. Finishes slightly sour, with a bit of green apple. Had it with salmon cakes and sautĂ©ed green beans from Farm Boy.

Torres Coronas Tempranillo (vintage unknown - bottle got returned before I took notes. From Penedes, Spain) - Deep purple bordering on black. Thick, enveloping aromas of coffee grounds, cassis, and port-dipped cigarillos. Medium body and tannins with lots of rich red fruit, followed by a sour cherry finish. This was cooked into (and consumed in conjunction with) coq au vin, my favourite dish made by my mother in law. Comfort food at its finest, with chunks of bacon and mushroom simmered all afternoon in wine and stock.

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