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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blatant false advertising

My bad. Know that picture I posted from my garden last month? The one of the supposed "grapevine"? Yeah, well, sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake.

That, I've discovered, is a ridiculously healthy honeysuckle, in the process of growing at a phenomenal rate and keeps trying to leap over the neighbour's fence for a swim in their pool. I'm not disappointed. I love honeysuckle, they're very attractive to hummingbirds and the like, and it's about to explode blossoms all over the place. But that "oh, I am SUCH a dunce" moment of realization was cringe-worthy. D'OH.

In any case, I *do* have grapevines in my backyard; I wasn't fibbing about that. Two wild versions (I think - keep you posted on that) on the same fence as the honeysuckle, and one authentic vitis vinifera that has finally shown signs of life on the trellis.

This was the vine that I had pretty much given up on, and had plans of removing later this summer. Then, as plants are wont to do, it unfurled one fuzzy tendril, then another, then some leaves, and wouldn't you know it? There are GRAPES growing in my backyard!

My apologies for the confusion, folks.

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