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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Blizzards aren't just a dessert at Dairy Queen

I'm sitting in a Starbucks watching the blizzard outside - Snowmaggedon '09, they're calling it. Pfft - whatever. I've finally reached the age where i can honestly say I've seen worse.

I've gone and singed my tongue on my tall-decaf-soy-gingerbread latte, but my spirits are still bright. What else can you do on a day like this? The barista must have thought I was nuts, smiling and greeting him with a jubilant good morning. How were the roads? Terrible, I sez. Gotta just roll with it. You can't rush, you're going to be late, so is everyone else, so just chill.

Today *would*be a good day to curl up with a latte and a laptop, like what the guy at the next table is doing. Blog and surf and write, while the blustery day roars by. I don't own a laptop myself, and jealously covet those nifty, slim, portable PCs and Macs my friends have. I commented to Santa that a Netbook might be nice under the tree ... but we've got a house to buy, so those little luxuries will have to wait.

Yeah, we're in the throes of house-hunting, looking for "our" place in a sea of maybes and definitely nots. I keep finding houses that have this particular kitchen with that specific layout in the master bedroom, and wonder what it would take to airlift that room out of where it is into the house I want? My world for a bottomless budget, a nice parcel of land and no restrictions. Then I'd have the second-floor laundry, the all-window studio, the jetted roman tub, the fully finished basement with wireless theatre capabilities, gourmet kitchen with a walk-in pantry and stunning mosaic backsplash ...

I don't think all that will fit in my stocking, but it's nice to dream.

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