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Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm giving up drinking ...

... for at least nine months or so.

I've been getting a few emails lately about one of my recent postings, where I mentioned I didn't drink any wine while out to dinner. DIDN'T DRINK ANY WINE. The sommelier/wino who doesn't indulge in a glass of vino while out on a date night?? What's WRONG with me? Had I suddenly found Jesus and was abstaining in order to reach total, spiritual cleanliness? Did a wine event involving a 100-year-old bottle of dusty plonk go horribly wrong, leaving me bedridden for weeks with a viciously ravenous tapeworm? Or was I pregnant?

Happy to report it's the latter. And, being the responsible adult that I am, I have shunned my favourite libation so as not to scramble the neurons of a particular fetus that has taken up residence in my belly. (OK, so I had a few little slurps here and there, including a delightful Veuve Cliquot rosé to toast the occasion, and sipped a bit of Chateau des Charmes Gamay Droit at Thanksgiving, but that was more of a cover up than anything else.)

Granted, I haven't even wanted to drink wine lately; the very thought of it makes me green. Sad, really. Never thought I'd see the day where the pleasant whiff of an aromatic viognier would make me want to grab a bucket. Mercifully, there's an end in sight. (Please GAWD let there be an end in sight ...)

So I missed out on this year's Wine and Food Show, missed out on a particularly appealing Guild event involving dinner with the Australian ambassador and my former prof Randy, missed out on trade events with the likes of Hobbs and Co. wine merchants. I had meticulously planned the first "reunion" for the June 2009 graduating class of the Algonquin sommelier program, and then was too sick to go. How much does THAT suck?

Oh, the things a mother will endure for her children ...

At the very least, when I do manage to eat, every single morsel that goes into my mouth is pure manna from heaven. Right now I'm noshing on a Waldorf salad with real bacon bits. I think I could live on bacon right now, for every meal, in every dish. The grease/protein mix does wonders. Pop in some good, chewy starch and we're all set.

So the wine content of the blog might be a little thin for the next little while, but I'll still be keeping tabs on what's new, attending gatherings of the local scene as much as I can, and concentrating my efforts on extraordinary foodie experiences to compensate for the lack of alcohol. Thanks for your patience. Feel free to comfort me with some nice vintages I can cellar until next summer ...


  1. Congratulations!

    I read your entertaining posts and wanted to encourage you to continue.

    Joel Lecorre


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