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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quaff this: Dopff & Irion 2006 Riesling (Alsace)

In celebration of my dear friend Pruttah coming to visit all the way from Switzerland, I took a day off and we headed to Le Nordik. It's a scandinavian spa complete with hot and cold baths, sauna, steam room and a billion Muskoka chairs, hammocks, chaise-longues and warm rocks strewn about for your blissed-out pleasure. We did a few rounds of sweating it out, suppressing our screams in the ice-cold waterfall and then falling asleep in the sun or shade, depending on our mood at the time. We talked and jased and gossiped at great length, as we always do. And then we had lunch.

To pair with our chickpea enchiladas and mixed green salad, I chose the D&I Riesling, remembering the delicious gewurz by the same name. I wasn't disappointed: floral, fresh, fruity, still young enough not to have too much petrol, with a glorious balance of medium-bodied acid-to-sweetness on the tongue. A bit too cold, as per the usual when it comes to wines by the glass, but all that takes is a pair of freshly steamed hands wrapped around the glass. Lickety-split, Barbatrick.

As a side note, I am grateful to my friend for correcting my horrid pronunciation - I've never been able to get Alsace right, butchering it with "All-sash", "Ayl-shash" and the like. Nope, it's actually "Al-zass". Thank you, Pruttah - and thanks for lunch and a great day, too!

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