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Friday, July 11, 2008

Quaff this: Chateau Preuillac 2000 Cru Bourgeois (France)

A very kind and generous colleague of mine, having just returned from Bordeaux on business (rough life, eh?) surprised me with this bottle. I opened it tonight to have with spaghetti in Vino di Milo pasta sauce - lots of grilled veggies, chunks of tomatoes and onion. The sauce was weak, but the wine was great. Nose of chocolate, cloves, cherries, with a streak of chalk (of all things). The tannins and fruit were awkward after opening, but they opened up in the glass. A luxurious mouthful; it felt like my mouth had just had a massage. The fruit, acid and tannin came and went, round and round. Every taste was different. Maybe that's what a good Bordeaux is supposed to taste like?

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