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Monday, June 02, 2008

Does reading about writer's block cure writer's block?

Or just make me feel more intimidated? I've got Will Write for Food by Dianne Jacob on my bedside table right now; so far, in the past two days, I've managed to get through about as many pages before I fall asleep. (No, wait, I got through half a chapter today over lunch. SCORE!) It has nothing to do with the content, which has been fascinating so far. It's all about me reading at 11:56 pm after the usual puttering around doing far less interesting tasks and not really being satisfied by any of it.

Back to the book. I'm getting a kick out of reading the perspectives of other wine and food writers, especially on how they see themselves and their own style (lots of self-deprecation and sarcasm in that bunch - I should fit right in.) I also feel like I'm entering a ridiculously saturated market that is based solely on subjective opinion, where several celebrated and feared critics already dominate culinary culture. What have I got to offer that's different? (Here's where strategic communications skills would come in handy. Good thing I'm taking a course to learn some.)

One of the writing exercises in Write for Food totally boggles my mind: write about your favourite food, only DON'T use any adjectives or adverbs. Say WHAT? Um, have you READ my blog? Adjective-ing is second to breathing for me. Why don't I saw off my writing hand while I'm at it??

Once the hyperventilation wears off, I might actually sit down and give that one a try. Until then, the keyboard (and the canvas, the sketchbook, the camera) are collecting dust, waiting for me to get over this latest rut of creative repression.

PS - Take a look at how many parentheses I used there. Yikes.

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