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Monday, June 09, 2008

An artist's "feast for the senses"

I was trawling around St Laurent mall this morning, looking for gift ideas for a certain dad, when my eye was caught by a window festooned with bright, flamingo-pink flower stickers over a sign that said “Now Open!” I stood aghast at the glorious sight before me: BEHOLD! DeSerres, my favouritest art supply store, was now bigger and better—and closer to home—than ever before.

The kids can have the Toys R Us next door; DeSerres is my playground. I was tickled fuchsia by the shopping “carts” that were designed to roll like luggage, extendable handle and all. I floated down each aisle, mouth agape and eyes glazed over in wonder. Row upon row of canvas, brushes, sketchbooks, charcoal, easels, pencils, pressed-flower paper and full tubes of acrylic just begging to be squeezed. Come, SQUEEEEEEEZE me.

I showed remarkable restraint in buying only a few truly necessary items (yes, a tiny, purple Sharpie highlighter for my keychain and a colourful foam cube puzzle for the Doodle are NECESSARY). I could have kissed the manager, I was so delighted with this happy little place that had appeared in my world. He was, without a doubt, relieved that I kept it to a breathless “thank YOU!” and repeated confessions of my unbridled joy, the limits of which he had no idea.

Now I’m gonna go paint.

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