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Monday, March 03, 2008

Quaff this: Anura Reserve 2003 Syrah Mourvedre (South Africa)

Back to class after a week of drinking no-name brand wine in the DR. (Not that I minded. After a long day of hard work basking poolside and drinking cuba libres, Bahama Mamas and Presidente beer, I greatly enjoyed the simple, fruity little house red they served. It went perfectly with everything: pizza, pasta, grilled fish, bruschetta, barbequed eggplant, paella, octopus, fried plantain, sardine salad, goat ...)

Tonight's class was a tribute to South Africa ("Seeth Eee-free-keee") and while they may consider their Pinotage to be the next wonder of the world, I preferred this succulent, complex shirazzy-blend from Anura. Deep, opaque raisin colouring, with chocolate, cherry, tobacco, alcohol and prunes on the nose. All sorts of wonderful things going on taste-wise: coffee, pepper, more chocolate, strawberry jam, candied cherry and raisins. The intense heat of the alcohol ramped up the soft, round tannins and lingering acid, but not obnoxiously so. That heavy sweetness lingered long after, a delicious, deep-in-your-throat warmth you want to savour for a while. Apparently it's supposed to go well with beef stroganoff, goulash or stew (according to the winemaker). At $25 a bottle, it's a great deal for such awesome quality. I gotta get me some.

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