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Friday, October 12, 2007

Take Your Kid to Work Day

Take Our Kids to Work Day is coming up in November. The notice sent around this morning to all staff states this event “illustrates the importance of education, skills development and training while giving students the opportunity to experience the world of work and the variety of career opportunities that await them.” I’ve already got the Doodle’s list of responsibilities laid out for the day:

Arrive 9 am ... ish.
Say hi to everyone coming in to building (security/hospitality).
Snack, mostly Cheerios, and most likely spilled from one end of the hall to the other (orientation).
Hide under desks and pick lint off the carpet (housekeeping).
Play peek-a-boo with the office fish (morale boosting).
Unload copy paper, one sheet at a time, and arrange them on the stairs (admin assistance).
Answer general information phone line with "Hello? Hello? Izzat balloon? Gramma Jean?" and then hang up (operator).
Bang on the keyboard (writing).
Sing "Baby Bumblebee" to everyone (morale boosting).
Spell everything T-A-R-A-H (editing/translation).
Rip open envelopes (admin assistance).
Colour with highlighters and sharpies on final layout of event program (proofreading/disaster check).
Climb up on office chairs to test how comfy they are (office ergonomics).
Press buttons on the printer, fax machine, copier and security doors (admin assistance).
Peel off labels and stick them everywhere (admin assistance).
Run around the room a little (encouraging fitness).

Lunch break. Spit out everything the cafeteria has to offer and ask for pudding. Change the channel on the TV from CBC News to the Doodlebops.

Nap. (Everyone else gets one, too.)
Watch episodes of Bruno and look at pictures of balloons on the Internet (research).
Recite the story of The Big Blue Spot while flipping through the Canadian Style Guide. (editing)
Stand very close to, but don’t touch, the radiators, making sure they aren’t “too hot” (maintenance).

Run some more, say ‘bye to everyone, go home.

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